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Final Inspection

The Purchaser has the right to inspect the property purchased within seven days prior to the date of settlement. Contact should be made to the selling agent who will schedule a time and date for your final inspection. The purpose of this inspection is to confirm the property is in the same condition (fair wear and tear excepted) as at the time you signed the Contract of Sale. Should the results of the final inspection not be to your satisfaction, you should contact Right Choice Conveyancing immediately. Settlement is usually not able to be delayed, but at least we, as your conveyancer, will have time to put the vendors agent/representative on notice that claims against their client will be made. If you do not complete your final inspection prior to settlement and upon taking possession of the property find chattels missing or the like, it may be difficult for any claim to be made against the vendor.
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Property Keys

Unless specified in the Contract of Sale, the keys to the property you are purchasing are usually with the Estate Agent and can be collected by you upon confirmation that settlement has occurred.


For obvious reasons, arrangements for a removalists should be made as soon as possible. Right Choice Conveyancing will endeavor to provide a settlement time to you as soon as possible, however due to other parties involved it may not always be possible.

Telephone, Electricity & Gas

Right Choice Conveyancing will attend to the notification to the local municipal authority and the relevant water authority of the change of ownership, however due to privacy reasons, the connection of the Telephone, Electricity and Gas must be attended to by the Purchaser. These should be arranged by the Purchaser prior to settlement.

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