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There are a myriad of laws and regulations affecting the sale of land. Our knowledge of these requirements and attention to detail are what will ensure that your paperwork is not only prepared in a timely manner, but will protect your legal interests throughout the transaction.

Although most vendors accept the quoted commission payable to a real estate agent for selling their property as a fait accompli, it never ceases to amaze us how many times we witness the exact same vendors losing money (or their sale completely) and enduring stress due to what was undoubtedly an option to choose a ‘bargain’ or ‘low cost’ legal representative. The same can be said for purchasers who we routinely witness lose money due to the failure of their legal representative to heed the terms of the Contract or to make adequate preparations for settlement. The costs of legal representation are a small fraction of the overall costs of transacting on real estate.

Transacting on property is not a cheap exercise. It is therefore understandable that vendors and purchasers alike are conscious of their expenses throughout the process. Despite this, choosing your legal representative simply because they provided the cheapest quote is inviting disaster, dissatisfaction and financial loss. To achieve cut price conveyancing often requires cutting corners and this is a false economy. At Right Choice Conveyancing you can be sure that you have obtained the best possible value for diligent conveyancing services without compromise.


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Depending on the size, price and number of owners involved with the property purchase, there can be a number of different factors that affect your settlement process.


If you want to sell your property you need a Contract and Vendor’s Statement (Section 32). These documents go hand in hand and you cannot sell a property without either.


Whether you're a new or experienced property developer, our senior conveyancers are the experts in ensuring your settlement process is as efficient and seamless as possible.


Property is one of the most popular opportunities for those wanting a medium-long term asset investment. If you're looking to purchase or sell, Right Choice Conveyancing is here.

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