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If you want to sell your property you need a Contract and Vendor’s Statement (Section 32). These documents go hand in hand and you cannot sell a property without either. The Contract contains the terms of the sale (price, settlement date etc), while the Section 32 is a statutory disclosure document which contains all pertinent information about the property and its title.

Please review the below information to learn more about the selling process and contact us if you have any questions.

Discharge Mortgages

Unless you have made specific arrangements with your lender, Mortgages are generally not transferable. This means that when your property is sold, the Mortgage or Mortgages together with any other charges, liens, caveats or the like are discharged or paid off. The mortgage will be paid out at settlement from the settlement funds and any balance left over will be paid as you direct.

Fees & Charges

Any Mortgage, Caveat or Charge registered against your property is required to be discharged at settlement. The fees associated with the removal of these encumbrances are payable by the Vendor is reflected in the adjustment statement. Right Choice Conveyancing charge Professional Costs which will be quoted over the telephone and or email on request. You may also need to allow for the usual disbursements for searches and property enquiry certificates required.

Rate Adjustments

Prior to Settlement, Right Choice Conveyancing will undertake an adjustment of rates and outgoings to the property from the date of settlement. PURCHASERS PLEASE NOTE in the cases of some land settlements, the adjustment will be required to be undertaken as at the day of sale). The adjustment of rates will ensure that the Vendors pay all rates and taxes due on the property up until settlement date, and Purchaser pays from the settlement date.


Settlement Date is the date the Purchaser takes possession of the Property and a specific date is usually referred to in the Contract of Sale. Right Choice Conveyancing were one of the first Victorian Conveyancing firms to settle on the new PEXA electronic Platform (Property Exchange), being trusted with the first settlement process televised from our office.

Vendor Statements

When selling, or buying, your Melbourne or Victorian property there are a lot of legalities involved and at times it can be overwhelming. Melbourne’s Right Choice Conveyancing specialises in all areas of property sale and purchase. Rather than you having to work things out on your own, the qualified team of experienced Conveyancers will assist you to understand all the issues involved.

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Depending on the size, price and number of owners involved with the property purchase, there can be a number of different factors that affect your settlement process.


Whether you're a new or experienced property developer, our senior conveyancers are the experts in ensuring your settlement process is as efficient and seamless as possible.


Property is one of the most popular opportunities for those wanting a medium-long term asset investment. If you're looking to purchase or sell, Right Choice Conveyancing is here.

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