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Vendor Statements

What is a Vendor Statement?

When selling, or buying, your Melbourne or Victorian property there are a lot of legalities involved and at times it can be overwhelming.

Melbourne’s Right Choice Conveyancing specialises in all areas of property sale and purchase. Rather than you having to work things out on your own, the qualified team of experienced Conveyancers will assist you to understand all the issues involved.

Things like your Vendors Statement are an essential part of your sale and the first class service offered by Right Choice Conveyancing will make your Vendors Statement a priority.

A Vendors Statement, also known as a Section 32 Statement, is the document prepared by the person selling a Melbourne or Victorian property and must be provided to a prospective purchaser prior to them signing the Contract of Sale. The Contract of Sale is not enforceable unless a Vendors Statement has been provided to the purchaser.

The function of the Vendors Statement is to inform the purchaser of certain particulars about the property. When a purchaser is deciding if they are going to buy a property, they will be shown a Vendors Statement by the selling agent. The Vendors Statement will include information relating to rates, zoning, restrictions etc.

Who Needs A Vendor Statement?

Any vendor accepting a written offer for the sale of a property is required to produce a Vendors Statement – so if you are selling your property, you do. If you intend to sell your Melbourne or Victorian property, contact Right Choice Conveyancing, and we can prepare your Vendor Statement.

Let Right Choice Conveyancing take the hassle out of your sale. You don’t need to worry about unknown terms or deal with the Land Act of 1962. Instead leave it to the Melbourne and Victorian conveyancing professionals and you can be confident the job will be done right.


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