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Settlement Date is the date the Purchaser takes possession of the Property and a specific date is usually referred to in the Contract of Sale.

Rate Adjustments

Prior to Settlement, Right Choice Conveyancing will undertake an adjustment of rates and outgoings to the property from the date of settlement. PURCHASERS PLEASE NOTE


There are Two Types of Co-ownership: Joint Ownership This is usually the choice of married couples and each owner has an equal share of the


The Property will normally remain at the risk of the Vendor until settlement, however there have been circumstances we are personally aware of, where substantial


If a Contract of Sale specifically conditions that the Purchase is subject to you obtaining finance, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you

Fees and Taxes

When negotiating a price for the purchase of a property, do not forget to take into account the Stamp Duty that will become payable by

Cooling Off

Cooling-off period (Section 31 of the Sale of Land act 1962) You may end this contract within 3 clear business days of the day that

Buyer Beware

Unfortunately, the principle of “Buyer Beware” applies to all Contracts signed by a purchaser and by signing the Contract the Purchaser is deemed to have

Before Settlement

Final Inspection The Purchaser has the right to inspect the property purchased within seven days prior to the date of settlement. Contact should be made

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